Alley’s 2019 in review

Another year down! Our ninth year was a spectacular one for Alley, with many new milestones, exciting projects, and growth for our team. Here are some of the highlights from our 2019 in review!

  • 30 new team members
  • 30,548 production story points resolved
  • 82,978 production hours logged
  • 159 Donut Buddy meetings had
  • 3,272 messages quoted by Alleybot
  • 5 new team babies
  • Our first ebook, all about remote work!
  • Our first webinar, with our friends at ONA!
  • Our first year for individual team retreats (read about our trips to Phoenix, Portland, and DC on our blog!)

As you might know, 2020 is our tenth anniversary! We celebrated the official day on January 6, 2020, and we’re having our all-staff retreat celebration in a few weeks in Cancun! Stay tuned throughout the year for some great memories and surprises from the past ten years – and thoughts on what’s to come in the next ten!