This is one of an ongoing series of short posts giving our team members the opportunity to share their feelings on remote work – a vital part of Alley’s culture.

What’s your favorite part about working remotely?

My favorite part is having the ability to work from different cities and relocating on a whim when I need a change of scenery.

What’s your biggest challenge? How have you worked through it?

The biggest challenges are fighting distractions and managing time. I’ve worked through this by maintaining fairly traditional work hours and primarily working from co-working spaces.

What do you wish you knew when you started working remotely?

That it requires more, not less, face time and communication with your remote coworkers than you would have in a traditional office environment. Keeping work visible, maintaining total transparency, and constant communication are critical goals for any successful remote team.

Jonathan Byerley is our Operations Manager. Looking to join a great remote team? You can check out our latest job openings on our careers page!

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