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A project can only be as successful as your team’s performance. If you have worked on teams, you know all too well that how you work together is as important as what you’re working on. A project’s success or failure is dependent on a team’s ability to align around common goals. In this session, we will discuss patterns you can start implementing right now to improve your team’s performance.

Do you manage a team or facilitate team learning? Are you part of a team looking for industry tested ways to improve performance? Have you been considering implementing Scrum or Agile in your workplace but haven’t yet made the commitment? Our experts break down eight patterns that complement the Scrum framework you can implement right now to get better results on your team (no prior Scrum experience necessary!) We will discuss these patterns and practices you can adopt that borrow from fundamental Scrum principles, and how you can implement them without needing to go fully into Scrum.

With real life business examples, you’ll get to see how these methods have helped other teams improve performance and deliver better results. You will leave this webinar with a step-by-step guide you can bring to your team immediately.

  • Kelsey Sparrow

    Director of Education and Business Development
    Scrum Inc.
    With a background in Marketing and Business Development, Kelsey is dedicated to providing an excellent experience to all Scrum Inc. clients. As a part of the education business, she is focused on enhancing the way individuals, teams, and organizations define success, maintain a happy and productive work culture, and meet their customer's needs.
  • Bridget McNulty

    Partner & Chief Operating Officer
    As Chief Operating Officer, Bridget oversees all internal operations strategy for Alley including hiring and onboarding, Alley’s agile practice and coaching program, and all other internal processes and policies which impact our team members. Prior to becoming COO, Bridget managed complex development projects at Alley for top publishers, such as the New York Post, The New Republic and Kaiser Family Foundation. Bridget is Pragmatic Marketing Certified and is also a Certified Scrum Master, a Certified Product Owner, and a Certified Scrum@Scale practitioner.

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