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You are invited to a LIVE recording of Two Scrums Up, a scrum-centric podcast that puts people over process, interactions over tools. Co-hosts Sarah Rose Belok and John Ragozzine will demystify “this is a safe space” and other well-meaning, but ultimately empty, platitudes we tell our teams. The reality is, the same psychological “SAFE-ness” is not equitably offered to all. Sarah Rose and John will be discussing research-based tactical strategies to bring back to your company and really support the PEOPLE behind your products. 

Two Scrums Up, hosted by Certified Scrum Masters Sarah Rose Belok and John Ragozzine, is a podcast about sharing Agile advice, anecdotes, and research-based practices that can be applied to all teams with and without Scrum. They’re goal is to help you build equity-minded and people-first, high performing teams. You can catch new episodes every other Tuesday at

  • Sarah Rose Belok

    Director of Team Learning and People Development
    Sarah Rose Belok (she | her) is the Director of Team Learning and People Development at where she focuses on strengthening teams by developing the professional capacities of individuals. She is also Director of the Alley Coaching Program and co-host of Alley's company podcast Two Scrums Up, Season 2. Sarah Rose's focus on cultivating equity-minded psychological safety-first remote Scrum teams stems from her background as a researcher at Bank Street School of Education as well as her facilitative leadership training working with educators across New York City through the David Lynch Foundation.
  • John Ragozzine

    Director of Agile Process
    John Ragozzine (he | him) is the Director of Agile Process at Alley, focused on enabling clients and teammates to maximize value while acting as a guiding advocate for agile practice. John has worked (and continues to work at Alley) alongside large-scale online publishers, small businesses, nonprofits, foundations, and multinational corporations. A natural collaborator, John takes on client needs as if they were his own, balancing feature delivery with value and efficiency.

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