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Decoupled WordPress may sound like a buzzword, but this architectural pattern has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Determining whether it’s the right choice can be a challenge, though, even for seasoned technologists and product managers. 

In this Alley Session, we’ll examine the growing landscape of decoupled WordPress strategies, focusing on how each addresses this unique problem space. This Session will offer a comprehensive analysis of topics including cost of implementation, performance and SEO, security, accessibility, and more. Our speakers are User Experience Developer Christina Deemer and Director of Strategic Technology James Burke. Together they bring years of experience working with WordPress, and direct expertise in envisioning and building decoupled enterprise solutions for clients like Fortune, Colorado Public Radio, and Defector.

You’ll leave this Session with a deeper understanding of not only what decoupled WordPress is, but a clear path towards determining if it’s the right decision for your business or product.

  • Christina Deemer

    User Experience Developer
    Christina is a team-focused developer who enjoys bringing people together to address complex problems in technology. As a User Experience Developer at Alley, she has championed headless WordPress and accessibility on projects for Fortune, Colorado Public Radio, RollCall, and others. She has been building headless sites with WordPress since 2016. She has spoken about headless WordPress at WordCamp NYC and Liberty JS. Prior to joining Alley, she co-founded the Interactive Mechanics Fellowship for Diversity and Inclusion in Tech. She has spoken about accessibility at the Museum Computer Network conference and given webinars for Pantheon and the Online News Association. Christina was a Code for Philly Open Source Mentorship Program fellow. She came to tech later in life, writing her first line of code at age 35 after more than a decade of fundraising and arts management experience for some of Philadelphia’s most prestigious arts and culture organizations. In her spare time she enjoys watching classic films and reading.
  • James Burke

    Director of Strategic Technology
    James Burke is the Director of Strategic Technology at Alley. As a certified Product Owner, he specializes in acting as a bridge between product and development teams. His extensive background in technology and software development enables him to act as a strategic asset on complex projects. His specialty is in headless architecture, overseeing Alley's practice and the development of our React framework, Irving. He works closely with teams across Alley to deliver headless projects for clients such as Fortune Magazine, Roll Call, Thrive Global, and Colorado Public Radio.

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