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A look at how Direct Relief and other institutions have built their own newsrooms within their organization to tell the stories that are important to them. This is an important perspective for any organization: making yourselves the tellers of stories rather than the continual pitch to journalists with PR statements. Treating yourself like a newsroom enables you to tell the stories that matter, no matter if or how they are being covered by mainstream media. We will dive into how Direct Relief organizes their editorial practices and the tools they’ve used to get picked up in news aggregation systems.

  • Tony Morain

    Vice President of Communications
    Direct Relief
    Tony Morain is Vice President of Communications at Direct Relief, where he’s worked since 2014. Prior to Direct Relief, Tony worked at OgilvyEarth. Before that, he served aboard research vessels as an officer in the merchant marine.
  • Rebecca Viser

    Digital Strategist
    Rebecca Viser is a Digital Strategist at Alley, with a background in communications. She's spent most of her career working on communications at nonprofits, including at the Council on Foundations and the Brookings Institution, where she led the 2016 project to rebuild Outside of work, she enjoys all things yarn-related, as well as traveling, reading, and photography. She has a MA in English from Georgetown, a BA in English from Indiana University, and is currently based in Washington, DC.

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