FAQ: Hiring Process & Working at Alley

Application/Interview Process

Alley is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage everyone to apply across different groups and identities. We seek to increase diversity in the tech industry and encourage applications from women, Black people, indigenous people, people of color, 2SLGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, and other communities traditionally underrepresented in this field.

Specific qualifications are listed under each job description. 

We are happy to make accommodations for candidates who may use screen readers, audio captioning devices, interpreters, or other accessibility aids. If you would like to request an accommodation for any stage of our process, please contact us at hiring@alley.com. Please note that requesting accommodations will have no impact on your consideration for hire.

Once you apply on our site, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your application was received.

If you’ve been selected for an interview, someone from our Hiring team will send you an email with a Calendly link to schedule with the interviewer. 

Our interview process typically has four stages, including an initial phone interview, two video interviews via Zoom, and a final interview in Slack.

We typically recommend that candidates have some professional experience in the role for which they are applying. However, we hope to support entry-level positions down the road, so please keep us in mind in the future.

Yes! We are looking for candidates who are passionate about their work and who will help shape and stretch our culture at Alley.

When reviewing code samples, we primarily look at flow, decomposition, modularization, testing and testability, accessibility, security, performance, naming, formatting, conventions, use of language features, code commenting, and code organization.

Here are some tips for more guidance on selecting great code samples.

If you have any questions about our hiring process, please contact us at hiring@alley.com and Kelsey (our Director of Operations) will do her best to answer your questions.

Working at Alley

We offer competitive salaries and company-subsidized medical, dental and vision benefits. We also offer a 401k with company matching, a profit-sharing plan, flexible PTO, an equipment budget, professional development budget, and a monthly lunch allowance.

We have formalized salary bands to ensure equitable and transparent pay at Alley. We believe that two people with the same role, responsibilities, and seniority should have roughly the same salary. We are diligent when hiring and promoting to adhere to these bands.

Promotions and raises are determined by a data-driven process, informed by a combination of our biannual performance reviews, our department-wide career progression frameworks, and an individual’s overall contributions to Alley. The Alley partners use this information to make decisions about raises and promotions.

We have a flexible time off policy. We have no set hours and do not limit vacation or sick time. We trust our team members to get their work done and take the time off they need to recharge. We suggest an average of three weeks (15 days) off per year.

Certainly! Alley allocates a professional budget of $1000/year for every team member after one year of service. We encourage professional development so we can become better practitioners of our trade, deepen our community involvement, refresh our creative energy, and educate ourselves on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We leave it up to the individual to coordinate with their Mentor and team to determine the timing and subject of their professional development.

Alley operates with as flat a structure as possible. The nature of professional services is such that every team member is accountable on a team basis to one or more clients, so we endeavor to create a casual atmosphere of peer accountability and mentorship.

All team members are assigned a Mentor. Your Mentor will help you meet your professional goals and help you ensure you’re also meeting Alley’s professional standards.

Everyone at Alley is in a Department based on their discipline. Your Department Head is ultimately responsible for your compensation and performance management.

Pre-pandemic, Alley held annual in-person, company-wide retreats and also gave teams the opportunity to meet in person at the location of their choosing! We hope to get back to this in the future, but for now, are experimenting with ways to connect with each other with Zoom happy hours and Slack engagement.

To ensure we are best setting new team members and their teams up for success, we expect new team members to overlap their working hours with their team for at least four hours per day. (Certain roles may require additional, extended hour overlap.) This will enable new team members to get the support they need— when their team members are around.

We encourage our team members to take time off when they need it, whether it be for vacation, illness, mental health days, covid-specific time off, or personal time. Our PTO policy is flexible and has no fixed maximum. We ask that everyone is transparent with their teams and mindful of project deadlines.

No day is the same at Alley. We have no set schedule and work days can vary depending on the team, position, and project. However, you can expect regular communication with and support from your teammates on Slack and/or Zoom throughout the day.

Alley operates in a Scrum framework with cross-functional teams. We aim to limit teams to 5-9 people because we believe the happiest and most effective teams are smaller.

Project load can vary across teams based on the project, client, and size of the team. Some teams are dedicated to a single client, while others have several.

Alley is an Agile company. Every team at Alley uses Scrum and has a dedicated Scrum Master and Product Owner. We support each other through a scaled Agile approach and cross-team collaboration is a common occurrence here.