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Data migration

Seamlessly migrate all your content to your new site 

Migrating content is a chore no one on your team is looking forward to. Alley knows how to replatform a site fast while preserving SEO — so you don’t have to. 

That means you get a new site that’s fully functional, with all your content intact and optimized. Hundreds of local news sites? Not a problem. Content metadata? We’ve handled the most tedious types of data, and we know how to ensure efficient, painless migration.

How we work: accuracy and speed decrease your time to launch

Our data migration processes are built to ensure the transition gets done right the first time. We understand both the science of technical SEO as well as the art of having a polished site that nurtures your users — and that you can’t afford to skip a beat on either.

Your team won’t even realize the magnitude of work required. Our replatforming efforts are meticulous yet efficient and smooth. You’ll essentially wake up to a brand new site with no gaps in content or functionality.

We’re grateful for your help with the site migrations and the many other things you and your team do to make our sites sing, day in and day out.

Nancy Shute, Editor In Chief at Science News Media Group


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