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Platforms and content management

Content management systems for publishers 

Your software needs to be scalable, flexible, accessible, maintainable, portable, and secure. Does your current CMS meet all of those requirements? 

Issues with your CMS may leave gaps in crucial capabilities down the road. Complex or jerry-rigged workflows kill efficiency and hinder your ability to easily train new team members. Expensive, inflexible systems will eventually become outdated and leave you with no path forward. And security issues — that’s a road you don’t want to go down. 

These are hard problems, but problems that Alley encounters every day. Our agile, iterative work focuses on your needs to implement solutions that work now and long into the future.  

Alley empowers us to do our own web publishing. You don’t make us dependent on you. Alley does a great job training our staff.

Cathy Hope, Communications Director, Georgetown Center for Children and Families

How we work: custom WordPress development with a keen eye on security

What’s the difference between a durable, secure WordPress site and one that doesn’t pass muster? The developers behind it. 

Our team has years of experience with enterprise WordPress development. We closely follow the WordPress community and latest platform advances. Our developers don’t work alone but are continuously learning from one another. They dedicate themselves to excellence through a rigorous code review and QA process. It all culminates in a platform you can trust. And because we understand publishers, we know exactly what you need out of your website and integrate this into our core processes. 

In short — we deliver a secure, easy-to-use website that will support your operations and your revenue streams.


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