Monell Digital Annual Report

Designing a Digital-First Annual Report
for the Monell Center

In a year that saw nearly every organization shift from physical spaces to virtual spaces, the Monell Center, a globally recognized leader in scientific research on smell and taste, wanted to transition their annual report from a printed report to a digital experience that readers could access on any device.

Monell asked Alley to design the report as an online experience for users to scroll through rather than turn pages. What they needed was a digital transformation of a key component to their annual communications and development efforts.

The Monell report - a white headline on an orange field with a large blue M - displayed on a laptop screen

“Overall everyone on the Alley team was terrific to work with — responsible, helpful, and knowledgeable. I felt we were in really really good hands with Alley.”

Karen Kreeger, Director of Communications, Monell Chemical Senses Center
The Monell report - a white headline on an orange field with a large blue M - displayed on a smartphone screen

Responsive Design

The annual report was distributed via email, so it was designed to display well on any device.

The desktop and mobile views of the "Our Research Aims" section of the report, with a brief paragraph explanation and four different colored circles with white line icons of each of the research goals


Custom infographics designed by Alley are used throughout the site to illustrate key points.

Various statistics from the report displayed in orange text on dark blue hexagons, and a pie chart

A New Table of Contents

We transformed the table of contents into a navigation menu that linked to major section headers within the page.

A visual table of contents showing previews of each of the sections that the table would link to

Telling Stories

Built on WordPress, the page supports many forms of embedded media, like video, to tell a richer story.

A video page from the Monell site displayed on a tablet screen

Calls to Action

Calls to action are now directly actionable in a digital annual report, in a way that wasn’t possible in print.

A close up of the Monell footer in dark blue, with a bright orange button to Download Report and a bright yellow button to Donate Now