Alley 2018 Year in Review

Last year was another amazing year for Alley. In 2018, we launched our new brand and identity, continued to build our team, and got to work on amazing projects in news media, museums, nonprofits, and more. Below, we share some of the most interesting parts of the year!

  • 3 new team members: This helped us to, among other things, double our north-of-the-border contingent in Canada.
  • 11,912 Jira tickets resolved: This is just under 50 per workday, and also almost exactly the same as last year. We’re nothing if not consistent.
  • 31 projects launched
  • ~38,000 GitHub commits
  • 1,236,767 Slack messages sent
  • 52 “cc” Slack channels: “cc” stands for “community channel,” and we use these for conversation about, well, anything — from the more mundane #cc_podcasts and #cc_fitness to, er, #cc_elevator_ranch and #cc_creeps (for Halloween all year round). #cc_beats_rhymes_life even hosts a weekly collaborative DJ session online every Friday using
  • 6 awards won: From the Online Journalism Awards to the W3 Awards to the MUSE Awards, the projects we helped create were recognized across the board!
  • 12 events attended and sponsored as a company, and many more as individual team members
  • 2,250 person-hours spent on learning within the company, such as our weekly “Learn Stuff” sessions and ongoing communities of practice
  • 3 new pets across all Alley team members (and we still love our older cats, dogs, and other animals too!)
A gallery wall with three portrait-ratio framed images of Alley pets - a white and brown greyhoundish dog sitting on a grey bed, a black and white cat on a blue pillow, and the head of a daschsund snuggling between the layers of a white fleece blanket
  • >16 Zoom calls interrupted by pets

That’s a lot of numbers, but the one we’re most focused on is 2019 — we’re looking forward to the future, and can’t wait to share it with you!