Alley Joins Time To Vote to promote voter turnout

At Alley, we believe voting is a hard-won right that many have fought and died to achieve. Voting is both a responsibility and an immense privilege that too often goes unclaimed in America. In presidential elections, turnout usually hovers at or below 60% of eligible voters, which is among the lowest in developed countries. Why? One big reason: work. Historically, work is the most often cited reason for not voting. This year we are committed to ensuring that our employees’ work schedules allow enough time to vote on or before Election Day because no worker should have to choose between voting and earning a paycheck.

We are proud to announce that Alley has joined Time To Vote, a business-led nonpartisan project aimed at increasing voter participation in the upcoming presidential election. Time To Vote has demonstrated the impact that the business community can have in furthering civic engagement across the U.S. Over 1,700 companies have joined so far, well ahead of its goal of 1,000 companies by November 3, with applicants rising to 100+ weekly.

Because Alley provides support to many news media organizations and others who directly provide election information to voters, we aren’t able to provide the full day off on November 3. However, we are supporting our employees by canceling all company meetings and requesting that client meetings be rescheduled where possible. All of our team members are encouraged to take off as much time as they need on or before November 3 to vote safely. 

Are you looking for information on how to get involved or how to vote? Here are some resources to check out: