Christa Field and Kevin Fodness named Alley Group partners

Alley is pleased to announce the promotion of Christa Field and Kevin Fodness to the partnership. Christa is now Alley’s Chief Design Officer, and Kevin is Alley’s Vice President of Software Development.

“Christa and Kevin are both passionate about systems thinking and dedicated to excellence in our design and engineering processes. They are committed to serving the needs of website users as well as content creators and editors. Alley’s success relies on continuing to blend outstanding design and concept with world-class web engineering. Christa and Kevin represent this close partnership of skills that will maintain and expand Alley’s leadership in the field in the coming years. They have contributed to the most significant projects in the company’s history, and they will continue to play an important part in shaping our future,” said Alley Group Managing Partner Austin Smith, on behalf of the entire partnership.

Christa Field joined Alley in the fall of 2015 as Creative Director. Since then, she has led our digital design work and developed our visual identity practice. Christa’s strong design leadership promotes a collaborative, inclusive, and transparent approach that empowers Alley team members and clients alike. Prior to Alley, Christa worked as a Senior User Experience Designer for MTV Networks where she specialized in developing scalable design systems. She will continue to support the Alley team in delivering experiences that inform, inspire, and delight our clients’ audiences.

Kevin Fodness, who holds a Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, started at Alley writing back-end code in PHP and WordPress and doing data migrations for sites like People magazine, but quickly moved into a JavaScript-focused role as Alley’s Director of Software Development. For the past three years, Kevin has been the lead developer on Alley’s data visualization team, where he has supported public data projects with foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, and academic institutions. As a partner, Kevin will take an active role in Alley’s open source projects and developer education, professional development, and mentorship.

As our company grows, we are excited to strengthen our leadership and our entire team with appointments such as these. We can’t wait to share what’s next.

In case you missed it, Alley has launched The Alley Group to pursue new opportunities in the future of work, organizations, media, and communications that lie beyond Alley Interactive’s original mission. Read more about this new direction here: An Exciting New Chapter for Alley.