Digiday launches new site with responsive design

Responsive design is a hot topic in 2013  and for good reason. How do you architect a website that allows for the management of a multitude of content, while making sure the design can fit to any screen or browser? It’s not a simple feat.

Today we’re happy to announce the launch of Digiday’s new siteWe worked with the team at Digiday to make it simple to reach their audiences and provide a consistent experience across every device.

Redesigns are exhausting, particularly for the developers. Big thanks to our indefatigable guys at Alley Interactive.

— Brian Morrissey (@bmorrissey) July 29, 2013

“Responsive design” is on everyone’s mind, and the benefits of a responsive site are clear. Any site Alley Interactive builds has to accommodate a variety of different devices  including desktops, smartphones and tablets  and having a site that works seamlessly across all screens and devices is crucial. When a site works well across every platform, publishers can maximize content reach and engagement with their readers.

Digiday is a leader in digital media industry coverage and its site is now one of the best examples of a media company that nails responsive design.

The Digiday effort was led by Alley Interactive lead developer Matt Boynes, managed by Andrew Short and executed by developers Alexi Maschas and Owen Stowe. The team crafted inventive solutions for Digiday’s site, including designing a new event creation system and improving usability for the editorial staff through an intuitive dashboard. The team leveraged Fieldmanager, Alley’s signature WordPress plugin and tool, to help Digiday’s editorial staff manage complex types of event content, such as speakers, agendas and venues.

Check out the new site here.