Georgetown CCF releases its Children’s Health Care report card

Every year, the Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy’s Center for Children and Families presents its research on the state of healthcare coverage for children in the United States. This year, the written report is being released along with the Children’s Health Care Report Card – an interactive data hub that allows users to explore the national top-line information on the homepage (such as the overall trend in the country over time) as well as diving in deeper to state-level data with a unique module for each. By showing these data in a visual and dynamic manner, the site helps showcase where states are succeeding and falling behind when it comes to improving health care coverage for children.

This is the ninth annual report that the independent research center based at the McCourt School of Public Policy has published, and every year the researchers are inundated with media, advocate and policymaker requests for more data and analysis on state and national trends. To respond to this need, we worked together to design an innovative data hub that allows a comparison of child health metrics across states.

The site is powered by React, which allows for lightning-fast transitions and clean visuals, and makes it much easier for the Georgetown team to update the data on the site. All they need to do is upload a data sheet on the back end to the different indicators, and that will automatically update the data shown on each individual state. This includes filtered breakdowns by any number of criteria, such as demographics, age, and poverty level. The entire site is accessible and passes WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines, as well as being responsive and easily viewed on all devices.

One additional new piece this year – we created a unique new logo for the report card. Closely mirroring the CCF’s main logo, it ties the research in with the organization while still standing proudly on its own with a different font treatment and adjusted graphics.

It’s vital to the future of our country to help our children get the health care they need to succeed, and helping to share data such as this report card is an important part of that process. We are excited to have helped Georgetown CCF bring this to the world.