On April 6, Alley Vice President of Software Development Kevin Fodness and Director of Development Operations Ben Bolton participated in a free webinar, How to automate CI checks for PRs in WordPress delivery with Buddy. The webinar was designed for developers interested in adding automated code quality checks to pull requests. It was also designed for WordPress-focused digital agencies that want to shorten the feedback loop between their team and the client and improve their product’s code quality.

Diving into this webinar will teach you how to use Buddy to run automated tests and linting checks against WordPress plugins and themes. You will also learn to set up a pipeline for WordPress themes and plugins, with continuous integration that helps improve code quality. 

Watch the video to learn some of the ways we automate code quality checks. These checks ensure we ship higher-quality code with less time and effort, and a higher success rate than manual review.

How to automate CI checks for PRs in WordPress delivery 

Adding automated code quality checks to pull requests is an essential and creative question for developers. At Alley, we pride ourselves on being creative. Check out our blog post, Emoji Madness, to learn more about our culture.

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