Joe McGill joins Alley as Director of WordPress Software Development

We’re pleased to announce that Joe McGill joined Alley in February as the Director of WordPress Software Development. He brings 10+ years of experience in WordPress and is one of its Core Committers (a small group of contributors allowed to commit directly to the core WordPress platform). We’re excited to have him as part of our team.

Joe brings a new perspective to the company and will help continue to improve up our team’s WordPress knowledge and abilities. He’ll be looking not only at our technical acumen and experience, but also our overall organizational practices. Whenever a new person joins Alley, we’re thrilled to see their new ideas and observations on how we work with each other and our clients, and Joe is no exception.

On Joe’s side, he’s “excited to learn from the immense amount of talent that already exists at Alley, and to help bring together and promote the best practices and knowledge from across the team.” He’s also looking to connect Alley’s expertise more strongly back to the WP community – promoting more of the “smart things we’re doing with our clients out to the wider world.”

At Alley – and beyond – Joe is interested to see where the state of technology is going in the future. “People are just going to keep building tools to create the experiences they want to create. Rather than being caught up in the ‘right way of doing things,’ they’re going to continue to learn and grow organically, making it easier for people to work the way they want.” He’s also hoping to see a continued diversification of the web: “The future of the web is going to come from more and more people with different backgrounds and different points of view taking fundamental tools that they have access to and using them to make the web that they want to see.” At Alley, we pride ourselves on a culture that maximizes the opportunity for people of diverse backgrounds to contribute equally, and we hope to help the future that Joe is discussing come to life.

Prior to Alley, Joe worked as an Engineering Manager and Senior Web Engineer at Human Made where he provided technical leadership on projects for enterprise clients. In addition, he is a WordPress Core Developer, focusing primarily on image and multi-media handling in WordPress. Outside of work, Joe loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, walking his dog, Malarkey, cycling around St. Louis, and playing guitar. Joe graduated from Greenville University, with a BS in Digital Media and is based in St. Louis, MO.