Now available on WordPress VIP: WP SEO, a simpler SEO plugin

Alley Interactive developers have come up with a simple SEO solution for WordPress sites: The WP SEO plugin, now approved for WordPress VIP and available for anyone to use. We asked Alley’s David Herrera to explain the power of this plugin.

WP SEO is a plugin for professionals who want to build a solid foundation for an SEO-friendly website, and it’s now available on WordPress VIP.

With WP SEO, you can quickly customize the title, description, and keywords that search engines read with your content. The values can be handwritten or can automatically include data like title, author, or categories.

The plugin works on posts, pages, custom post types, archive pages, and more. You can set global defaults for your site while also allowing users to customize the values on individual posts.

For site owners, WP SEO is easy to integrate because of its carefully defined set of features. Just activate the plugin from the WordPress dashboard, or enable it in your theme and fill out the settings page. It stays out of your way and plays nicely with other VIP plugins.

For developers, WP SEO is easy to extend with its actions and filters. It’s a cinch to write your own formatters that allow users to automatically include more custom data in their title or meta values.

More improvements to WP SEO are under development now. Feature requests, bug reports, and patches are always welcome at GitHub.

Thanks to David, Matt Boynes, and Brad Campeau-Laurion for their work on it. For more information about this plugin or to contribute to it, please visit the WP SEO GitHub repository.