Online News Association launches new resources portal at ONA 2018 Conference

For the past few months, Alley has had the honor of working with the Online News Association on their new resources portal. Before today’s launch, ONA had its conference resources spread across individual conference sites, and it was often challenging for users to find what they needed within the incredible back catalog of ONA conference content. The goal for this project was to build one centralized site to index all conference resources — past, present, and future — for users to browse and reference. This new portal includes hundreds of hours of materials such as podcasts, videos, presenter profiles, and written content produced for or during ONA conferences.

Alley designed the new portal from scratch, ensuring an easy-to-use, seamless experience for ONA’s visitors. We also set up a regular, automatic content sync from former conference sites to the newly launched site utilizing the WordPress REST API. All relevant resources are now up to date and will continue to be, starting today! Video and audio are prominently featured along with full transcripts, and users can learn more about presenters and explore other content they’ve generated for past conferences. Resources are easily filterable inline, so anyone interested in specific topic areas can find exactly what is most relevant to them. Finally, we are able to pull in content from all over, including third parties, such as Trint, Scribble, and Livestream, so that however you learn, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to access it quickly and easily.

We’re excited to have worked on this project and to be able to share it with the ONA community. Are you looking for further information on a particular aspect of the online journalism world? Check out the resources portal here! Or, if you have a question about this project, something you’re pondering, or anything else, stop by our booth in the ONA Midway this week in Austin!