Remote work perspectives: Gillian Reagan

This is one of an ongoing series of short posts giving our team members the opportunity to share their feelings on remote work – a vital part of Alley’s culture.

What’s your favorite part about remote work?

Being able to focus without distractions in an environment I can control so I can be the most productive and comfortable. Also, being home with my two dogs, Diego and Pancho, and cat, Jones.

What’s your biggest challenge? How have you worked through it?

Sometimes I feel isolated and lack in-person interaction during the week. Being intentional about making plans with friends, family, and local co-workers makes a big difference.

What do you wish you knew when you started working remotely?

That it’s not as easy as people say/think it’s going to be. Despite all the bloviating about being able to “make your own schedule” and such, you still have to create structure so you’re not working all the time or feeling like you don’t have clear boundaries between home and work. You have to be a very self-disciplined person to succeed in remote work. You also have to communicate more often and more carefully than you ever had to at an on-site job if you’re working with a remote team.

Gillian Reagan is a Digital Strategist. Looking to join a great remote team? You can check out our latest job openings on our careers page!