• Woman working in a home office, using an iMac

    Remote Scrum teams: Four tips for setting team norms

    If you’ve suddenly found yourself working remotely due to COVID-19 precautions, how do you handle all the normal day-to-day things like meetings, tracking tasks, and basic communication? Team norms don’t need to be complicated just because everyone’s remote. Being a fully distributed company ourselves, we have learned a lot over the years that helps us keep our teams running smoothly.

  • Locked out of the office, locked In on your business: Managing stakeholders and your company remotely

    If you’re “unexpectedly locked out of the office,” as we’re calling it, now is the time to adapt practices to manage stakeholders and customers effectively. No matter whether you’re remote or in the conference room, the goals remain the same: Keep everyone focused on what matters, keep moving on projects, and keep to financial and organizational milestones effectively (with only a few more gray hairs by the time the crisis is over).

  • Buckle up! Psychological safety first for remote Scrum Teams

    Whether your workplace is remote permanently or temporarily, psychological safety is elementary in the experience of high-performing teams. Without psychological safety, the consequences would be far-reaching and destructive to the individual and the organization. But cultivating psychological safety is hard work, especially on remote teams.