• Unfaking news at MisinfoCon

    The MIT Media Lab hosted journalists, technologists, librarians, academics, and even a former fake-news publisher to explore how tools ranging from cognitive science to ad tech can combat the influence of misinformation (unwittingly distributed false info) and disinformation (deliberately distributed false info).

  • Code review: Why it matters

    Alley Interactive partner and chief strategy officer Brad Campeau-Laurion recently spoke at LoopConf about Alley’s internal code review process. Brad explained how Alley’s company-wide code review mandate helps boost collaboration within the development team while also ensuring high standards and quality control for all projects.

  • Gaining clarity on design systems

    A couple of weeks ago, I attended Clarity Conference in San Francisco—a conference focusing on design systems and style guides. Design systems are useful for any company with multiple people working on a single project, but at an agency like Alley, a design system proves particularly useful and effective.

  • SXSW, virtual reality, and how beta testing can help media

    Since its inception, the online media industry has been forced to adapt and reinvent itself based on the whims of fast-moving technologies. For publishers, the problem is that if they don’t adapt, readers might go somewhere else that will. However, even — especially! — for major publishing incumbents, the path to adaption has often been…

  • The developer hunt: Recap from ONA14

    Alley Interactive was at the Online News Association’s 2014 conference (ONA14)  this year — the premier gathering of digital journalists shaping the future of media. We were the only agency sponsor among a lineup of large companies, startups and universities on The Midway. Director of Product Development, Josh Kadis, took to the Bullring on The Midway to discuss how Alley Interactive has worked to build and…

  • Top 10 development lessons they didn’t teach you in school

    Many colleges have hefty syllabi for computer science courses, but software developer Dustin Younse believes that there are still a few key lessons missing. In his NERD (New England Regional Developers) Summit talk, “Top 10 Development Lessons They Didn’t Teach You in School,” he’ll be discussing what you’ll need to know as a developer on the job.